3500 Travels

On to Ft. Collins

We had coffee at one of the Conifer Starbucks and then headed toward Denver. We got a great price on diesel: $2.47/gallon, much better than the $2.89 the day before. US 285, which passes through Conifer, drops via a 5% grade for a number of miles. We discovered that at certain speeds when the truck breaks are applied the transmission downshifts so you may not need the breaks any longer. Cool feature.

Cathie texted Colin to tell him we would arrive in an hour or so and we arrived at Colin and Brittany’s about 10:30 am. Dogs were introduced with varying degrees of success. Call it a work in progress. Later Colin and I shopped for wood and hardware to be used for the truck sleeping platform and storage. Construction will begin on Saturday. Pictures will be added to the truck page.

We had a great dinner. Always appreciated.