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Camper Platform Project

The camper interior project has gone well but has been more work than anticipated. We started on Saturday the 8th and are still going at it. The trickiest bits are done and we know now that everything will fit. An important milestone! There is some drawer-rail hardware left to install, as well as some panel handles. Outdoor carpeting will be installed over the sleeping platform area. More pictures will be posted in the next couple of days showing some of these details.

While Ian has done his bit, especially with the hardware drilling and customizing, Colin has been the chief wood worker. His skills and extensive tools have made this project possible. Cathie and I are very grateful. Everyone has been involved. Brittany and Cathie bought material and ancillary items for curtains. A new sewing machine was used to turn the fabric into the final product. Brittany may have used our project as an excuse to buy it now. I’m glad we could help out.

Before any actual construction began, Colin and I worked with Google SketchUp, free 3-D modeling software. I did some work modeling the truck bed and some very preliminary design. There were several discussions with Colin about what we wanted, web studies of what others have done, and some new ideas. The final design is shown below.

SketchUp design

SketchUp design