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Billings, MT

There is not too much to write about Billings, although I could probably stretch our search for a self-serve car wash into some sort of saga, which it started to feel like. The drive into Crystal Lake had left the truck looking very heavily used. I seem to recall a car advertisement (perhaps Subaru) that glorified the muddy car, presumably showing how off-road-cool the owners were. I don’t know if we were cool, but the truck was muddy. Now Billings is a fair sized city. It has all the usual stores and outlets, such as Lowe’s that we went to the next day to buy a tarp and various accoutrements for rainy weather, but few self-serve car washes. Google was of no help. I asked at a Conoco station and the woman there directed me in a general way. Her directions were good enough to get us to a rather aged car wash. After many, many quarters (the credit card swipe was taped over) we had a fairly clean truck.

Now we were off to the Yellowstone River RV Park to get a place for the night. Did you guess? Anticipate? We hadn’t gone a ¼ mile from the first car wash before we passed another. It looked like it had been built when the one we used was starting to get old. I bet it took credit cards. I guess I did turn it into a saga, but I really wanted to clean the truck.

The RV park was fine. Showers and wi-fi. What more can one ask for. It was raining lightly that evening so I stood at the driver’s door of the truck with the laptop on the front seat working on my blog. It’s sometimes the little things that one needs to notice and appreciate. In this case I’m glad the truck seat is high off the ground or my back might have hurt.

Yellowstone River RV campsite

Yellowstone River RV campsite