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We left Lee Lake about 10am. It is awfully hard to get away early, although 10 requires some excuses. Our destination was in the general area of Duluth. We want to take MN 61 along the western shore of Lake Superior, also known as the North Shore Scenic Drive in the National Geographic guide to Scenic Highways & Byways. We traveled on a US highway, Minnesota state roads, and county roads. If you have the time, it is a wonderful way to travel. What looks ho-hum on an interstate seems intimate on a county road. Along the way we saw a half-dozen wild turkeys, deer, and three bald eagles. One was sitting on the top of a dead tree, and another took off from feeding on some carrion. The white tail feathers let us follow it easily as it winged away. By the way. its carrion buddies were some other species, perhaps crows. In addition to this fauna the trees lining the roads were beginning to get fall colors. What we think was some maple variety was already turning a brilliant red. Regrets on not taking pictures. We’ll try harder tomorrow.

Lunch was at a small café where most of the choices were different kinds of hamburgers. Quite a few Native Americans about so we were probably near a reservation.

On the outskirts of Duluth, as we drove through fog, we stopped at Ganders, a sporting goods store that is a pretty big chain in the East. I picked up a fleece sleeping bed liner, and Cathie bought a dog crate cover. We only bought one because Reg tends to destroy things by chewing: truck arm rest, burlap bag, etc. Cap is not guilt free but we are willing to take the chance.

Driving up MN 61 we tried to get a spot In the Wagon Wheel Campground, but it was closed for the season. Heading back to MN 61 from a side road we came across Penmarallter Campsite, a Mom & Pop outfit. Very nice but very wet. The proprietress said there had been 4” of rain over the last couple of days. By the look of things it quit raining just before we arrived. We set up the rain tarp contraption, but so far no rain (6:22pm).

Campsite (closeup)

Campsite (closeup)

Lake Superior in background

Lake Superior in background

It may be possible to see a bit of Lake Superior in the background of the second picture (to the right).
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2 thoughts on “Minnesota

  1. Walter L Johnson

    Last week Joanne and I got to enjoy our bald eagles several times in Michigan, and we spotted one in La Crosse WI earlier this week. Its preety special.

    We lucked out spotting dozens of Wood Ducks in the Wetlands near La Crosse earlier this week.

    Sounds like you may be planning to go North of Lake Superior. On the other hand if you’re driving accross the U.P on 28, you will pass within 4 miles of Newberry, near the deer hunting camp of my Dad and his friends.

  2. Kathleen

    I’ve just about forgotten what a rainy day is like. Hope you stay warm and dry. I’ll be a bit envious over here is drought land.

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