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Lake Superior Shore Drive

The time zone change to EDT when entering Ontario made for a late start. Basically we are on the extreme west side of the time zone, and we get up when Cap starts whining. Well, we forgot to reset his internal clock so we got up an hour late.

We wanted to make it to Wawa RV Park which for us would make a longish day of 5 or so hours of driving. As with the day before we were mostly in fog. Sometimes we could see for a mile, other times it was only a 300 to 400 feet. I confess that it was a bummer. When we could see more than the trees by the side of the road, we took pictures. We also stopped at some of the roadside attractions like Aguasabon Falls. I have put these pictures in the album below.
Video of falls

Our route was initially Canada 11 & 17, later at Nipigon 11 & 17 split and we followed 17. At the town of Marathon Canada 17 turned inland away from the lake and the fog disappeared and blue skies and sunshine prevailed. Very nice to see where one is going, and the sites were nice as well.

Before the 11/17 split we had lunch at a picnic spot on the lake near Rossport. I recorded a video and the sounds of waves lapping at the shore. I’m trying to add a bit more dimension to our travels.

Gentle waves lapping.

View from Rossport lunch stop.

The lunch spot was near a railroad line and I could hear a train coming. I crossed the highway and scrambled up the slope to shoot the train video below. I was thinking of Walter, a fellow train enthusiast.

Train passing near lunch spot.

The last of the drive was fog free and I was able to take a picture of a lake that was typical of what we were passing. If Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, then perhaps Ontario is the land of 100,000 lakes.

With plenty of daylight left we arrived at Wawa RV Park. For $30 Canadian we have a nice spot under the trees. I had a chat with a fellow camper from Edmonton, AB. He and his wife winter in southern California at a paid for RV spot. He has been to New Mexico and had just come from a visit to the Maritime Provinces. Some folks in one of those provinces told him that if he wanted a cold winter, then that was the place to be. Strong winds blowing over icebergs? Sounds brutal.

Wawa campsite

Wawa campsite

Our first Canadian IPA

Our first Canadian IPA

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