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Up until now I have been tracking our progress day by day. The travel map shows where we have been and I think that was the best way to do it. It kept me busy because I never wanted to be behind, at least not more than a day or two. Now that we are in Maine I feel the need to change the format slightly. Basically this means that posts will not be based on the new day, but on new experiences to share. I will start a new map tab that will focus on Maine and the east. Look for Far East Map.

By the way, this part of Maine is called Down East. According to Ricard Miles this moniker comes from the 19th century shipping between Maine and New York. Lumber and quarry rock would go from Maine to New York and various goods would come back. Richard told us that the winds were mainly from the southeast and as the ships were returning home to Maine they were running with the wind and heading east – hence down east. Check out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Down_East

Today (Oct 3) Richard took us for a drive to a nearby peninsula. The coast of Maine, including islands, has over 3,000 miles of waterfront which makes for many places to visit. Today we drove to Pigeon Hill Rd. This is a bit west of where we now live (see new map). We passed through the Petit Manan Wildlife Refuge, which we plan to go back to and hike a trail to the shore. We then backtracked and climbed Pigeon Hill. No supplemental oxygen required, but the view was magnificent. While rather windy the sky had lots of blue and the sun was a welcome sight after so many days of rain and overcast skies. To me the United States feels bigger than it did two months ago.

View from trail leading up Pigeon Hill.

View from trail leading up Pigeon Hill.

Panoramic fro Pigeon Hill.

Panoramic fro Pigeon Hill.

These first two days have mostly been about exploring the immediate area, including a grocery run into Milbridge at the Bayside Shop ‘N Save. I’m not sure how much we saved but I consoled myself by noting that many items may not have to be purchased again.

All is new so it is easy to find sights to share. The album below shows pictures within ¾ of a mile of our apartment. Many were taken on Richard’s and Susan’s property with a couple taken farther down Oak Pt Road. By the way, the dogs are settling in rather well and enjoy their morning counter-clockwise walk down to the shore and back again, passing the mediation hut on the return. There is zero evidence so far that the dogs have picked up on its purpose, but they love the woods. The video below was taken at the southern end of Oak Point Rd. On the way we passed by a lobster fisherman’s house and the circa 1790 house shown in the album below.

Nighttime update: I took that dogs out for their pre-dinner pee and looked up at the night sky. There were no clouds. No wisps of anything. It is like the night sky high in the mountains. The nearest city that might contribute light pollution is Bangor which is about 80 miles away as the crow flies. It is quite dramatic considering the weather lately. No way to take a picture, but just remember your best night sky viewing.

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