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One Winter’s Day

January 14, 2016 – updated January 17, 2016

Today Cathie and I spent a lovely afternoon with Dave Ashenden. Dave is a neighbor that lives a couple houses farther down Oak Point Road. He lives by himself but seems to have lots to do. In fact, he has more projects than he has time for. This past Monday he invited us to lunch for today. He served up quiche, cheese, ham, and various sandwich fixings. There was also some wine, and tea when we were finished eating. Cathie had baked cookies so technically we did eat something with our tea.

Dave gave us the grand tour of the house which was built around 1830. It has been in his family since 1911. Big spans of time. He is a retired geologist and worked in Massachusetts until he retired in 1993. He is another one of the people that I envy for his ability to remember names and dates. Two things I must do better at in my next life. He is well spoken and his many book shelves are filled with staggering array of subject matter. He is fine example of a person living well when older.

Dave Ashenden & Cathie

Dave Ashenden & Cathie

We left Dave’s place about 3:30 pm to let the dogs out for their afternoon constitutional. Our walk was down the driveway and across the 20 acre backyard of a neighbor across the road. It was pretty crisp out at 200F but there was little wind and the sky was mostly clear. Sunset was at 4:14 pm.

A winter's sunset.

A winter’s sunset.

Two days after I took the above photo we had quite a snow storm that lasted at least eight hours. Again we took the dogs across the way, which gave me a chance to take a contrasting photo from pretty much the same spot.

Same location as sunset photo, but two days later.

Same location as sunset photo, but two days later.

Later we walked down to the shore near the barn. I found the ice formations and movement caused by the gentle wave action captivating.


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