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Weather cancels ferry, leaves time to blog

May 3, 2016

A couple of days before we left Maine, Cathie and I watched the Shipping News. If you saw that movie, and the title to this blog seemed familiar in some vague way, it’s because I borrowed heavily from the final line thought by Kevin Spacey’s character Quoyle: “Headline – Deadly storm takes house, leaves excellent view.”

While the weather had been excellent since leaving Maine, sometime last night a front came in. From our cabin at Mountain Vista Seaside Cottages & Campgrounds in Cape Breton it was only a light rain with no wind to speak of. However, it must have been much stormier somewhere out in Cabot Strait which separates the eastern side of Nova Scotia (Cape Breton) and western Newfoundland. The upshot is that our 11:45 am ferry was canceled and we were rescheduled for the 23:45 one, weather permitting. The trip is about seven hours so it may be a very long night.

We had just left the cabin so we called the owners and asked if we could come back. Happily there was no problem and we can stay half day or all night if there is another delay. I may add a brief update to this post later today since I expect we’ll be informed of any further delays by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. I for one would be happy to wait until tomorrow morning. In the meantime I am taking advantage of the wi-fi at the cottage to compose this post.

From Maine we traveled through New Brunswick to Summerside, Prince Edward Island. From now on PEI. We stayed two nights at the Summerside Motel. Very nice people but the two stars is accurate. We stayed within the central part of PEI, but saw vast potato farms (most of the island is agricultural), a national park (hiked the Homestead Trail), stopped to view the north coast beaches, and circled back through Charlottetown (largest city). Along the way we saw where Lucy Montgomery was born. She wrote the Ann of Green Gables books starting in 1908. Apparently these stories went a long way in putting PEI on the map. Today tourism is important to the economy.

One funny story before going on to Nova Scotia. On our second night, returning from dinner, we ended up at a police check point. We think there were checking for out-of-date vehicle inspections. PEI only has rear license plates like New Mexico, so Officer #1 went back to check where we were from. The brief conversation went as follows – all with wonderful Canadian accents.

    Officer #2 to #1: Where are they from?
    Officer#1: New Mexico.
    Officer #2: You’re a long way from home.
    Officer #1: Took a wrong turn, eh?

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