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May 8 to 12

Our trip through Labrador went well, but several hundred kilometers on the Trans Labrador Highway (THC) required many hours of mostly undivided attention. The first night we stayed in Mary’s Harbour. At this time of year there are not many guests. Later, towards the fall, there will be fisherman since the St. Mary’s River is great for salmon.

The next day we took a detour to St. Lewis to try and see an iceberg up close. While we were more successful than in Twillingate, we were never able to feel like we were right next to one. One needs to go on a boat tour. Since St. Lewis was a side trip we had to come back to the THC for our long run to Happy Valley Goose Bay. These are actually two towns and probably combined the largest “city” in Labrador. There is a Canadian Forces base there that goes back to World War II when the Americans help set it up. We stayed at a nice B&B with dogs warmly housed in the garage.

The next day we drove to Churchill Falls. I wanted to stop in Churchill Falls to tour the power plant. It is one of the largest underground hydro plants in the world. The downside of this plant was the near elimination of a section of the Churchill River and the extreme diminution of the falls. From an engineering point of view it is all pretty spectacular, including the upper reservoir. Environmentally, not so wonderful.

After a night at The Lodge (no room at the one hotel in town) we continued on to Labrador City, our last stop before entering Quebec. Cathie had arranged a stay at Trish’s B&B. Trish and her husband kindly allowed us to put the dogs in their heated garage.

Labrador is a pretty isolated place. Nonetheless, we were in the zone with most of the inhabitants. The north is accessible only by plane or boat. At the very top of Labrador is Torngat Mountains National Park. Based on pictures we saw this must be a pretty incredible place. According to our host in HV/GB it is best to arrange accommodations and guides with the First Nation people in that area. They have cabins and electrified fences to keep the bears out!

The two photo galleries are split roughly between the eastern and western portions of our drive across Labrador. Hope they give you a sense of the land. Remember that we were pretty early and that full summer is over a month away.
North Sydney/Blanc Sablon to Happy Valley/Goose Bay.

HV/GB to Labrador City.

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  1. julian

    I’ve been enjoying these, especially because I am currently in Canada (Lake Louise, AB) for a conference. Absolutely gorgeous here: hillier than where you are (!), but also some snow and each very pretty in its own way. One more hike/run tomorrow morning and then home again. Looks like you all are continuing to enjoy a fabulous trip…

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