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Newfoundland #2

May 6 & 7

As with the previous post I present mostly photos. The first gallery is from our stay in Rocky Harbour. This little town is located on the northwest side of Newfoundland. Clearly the string of cabins shows they get tourists during the summer. In fact I picked up a long sleeve T-shirt at a gift/souvenir shop.

The second gallery shows some pictures taken as we drove north toward Port au Choix through Gros Morne National Park. There is a hike (closed this time of year) that gives one a magnificent view of the glacier formed valleys. Still, even from our vantage point, it all looked quite spectacular.

One the way we stopped at Arches Provincial Park, and later saw caribou. The stunted trees are called tuckamore. Trees near the coast that are subjected to wind and salt get twisted and diminished. One can see this as well along portions of the California coast.

Our last night on Newfoundland proper, called the Rock by those that live on it, was in Port au Choix. This is a fishing village. I had a very good pan-fried cod dinner at the Anchor Café. We were lucky in so far as this restaurant opened for the season only the day before.

One thought on “Newfoundland #2

  1. Kathleen

    So beautiful and seems so sparsely populated. Have you had culture shock when you arrive in a big town or city?

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