3500 Travels

Background image

Some people really like maps – new ones, old ones, all kinds. Include me in that group. I wanted a map for the background and expected to find one that would need fading so as not be too distracting. However, this one from 1926 seemed fine the way it was. If you want to see the whole map either look at the version on this page, or go to wikimedia.

I was able to download the huge version (8,972 × 5,851 pixels) which I reduced and modified slightly. Note that the map title has been copied to the lower left corner for the background image. This was for the benefit of the curious. But oddly, when I tried to go to the image URL again, I was informed it could not be displayed because it contained errors. Did I break it downloading it? 😉 I still have the unmodified original if anybody wants a copy.
US proposed roads in 1926