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Cathie and the dually


This picture was taken shortly after we took possession of our truck. We drove down to Dave and Marianna’s to show it off.

I spent a long time searching for the right truck. Considered Ford, Dodge Ram, GMC and Chevy. Gas and diesel. The list goes on. We had intended to get a 3/4 ton but on the advice of two of my brother-in-laws we settled on a 1 ton dually. I actually found this truck in Canby, OR and had it shipped to Las Cruces. I guess Internet sales can be risky, but it all worked out for us.

We had (and still do) planned to get a cab-over camper, but we were running out of time so decided to get a camper shell instead. This will take care of our needs for the next year or so. After much searching we settled on an A.R.E. shell that you see in the picture below. This one is extra high in the back for plenty of head room. The color match is perfect and the service form T-Rex Truck Stuff in El Paso, TX was great. The next phase is outfitting the interior of the camper. With a bunch of help from our son, we will build a sleeping platform with two long drawers underneath. Pictures to be taken during construction will find there way here. Stand by!

Our new A.R.E. camper shell.

Our new A.R.E. camper shell.

Here is the link to a YouTube video tour of the finished project.

Below is a fun time lapse video of us loading the truck.