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Our Companions

These three will be sharing our journey with us. Left to right are Cap(11+ mo), Meg (9 yr), and Reg(11+mo). Like kids they are all different.

Taken early morning on 7/7/2015 at 32°27'45.2"N 106°50'21.2"W

Taken early morning on 7/7/2015 at 32°27’45.2″N 106°50’21.2″W

Meg, the older more obedient one, has taken to the two young ones. She plays with them, barks at them, and snaps at them. If you substitute talk for bark, this behavior could fit another species. Reg is smart. Cathie has been taking him to an agility class where he, apparently, is quite a star. He is very fast on his feet as well. Cap is another story. While Reg is a Border Collie/Kelpie cross, Cap is Border/Collie/Black Mouth Cur. The later part is definitely hound. As such he has many hound like qualities. These include:

      much and varied vocalization




      selective deafness (may go with above)


    slower going (this is getting less so)

But Cap is a very sweet dog and I have high hopes for our current training regimen. If you knew another dog of ours, Bryce, then you know the bar was pretty high for sweet dog compliments. That is not to say Reg is not. He is a really nice dog too, and has come a long way in getting along with other dogs he meets. All of them like people and kids, which is a good thing.

The big test is yet to come when we pile all three into the back seat of our extended cab dually. It seemed big once, but they fill it up.

So here is a follow up picture of dogs in the back. Where’s Meg?

I can sleep anywhere.

I can sleep anywhere.